Onzen™ Saltwater Care System

Crisp, Natural, and Clean Water, Every Time

Escape into the Stillness of Saltwater

Intertwining comfort and efficiency

onzen machine

The Onzen™ system utilizes the naturally powerful cleaning capabilities of salt to provide pure and fresh water, without the addition of harsh chemicals.

Modeled after our environment’s preferred sanitizer, Onzen™ uses salts from the Dead Sea in the process of electrolysis. This action creates a small amount of natural chlorine particles to offer additional sanitation, while remaining independent of chemical additives.

Onzen’s revolutionary technology requires minimal cost and maintenance from users, saving money and time otherwise spent on chemical sanitization. Simply change your electrode cartridge periodically, and unwind in the stillness of saltwater.

Whereas chemical sanitizers leave a pungent and aggressive odor, irritating your skin and body, Onzen™ utilizes natural salts to provide lustrously smooth water that is gentle on hair, skin, and eyes.

Although some metal products can face erosion due to salt exposure, Arctic Spas® creates hot tubs and All-Weather Pools that utilize bearingless jets, highly durable shells, and airtight fixtures to protect the entirety of your hot tub from water damage.

Say goodbye to the complex and costly process of chemical balancing, and say hello to the silky simplicity of Onzen™ saltwater.

Total One-Touch Access

Monitor your spa from anywhere in the world

Onzen™ features innovative smartphone capabilities, giving you control of your spa’s sanitization levels from any location.

Simply access the Arctic Spas® app to adjust sanitization output easily, matching your desired hot tub use and bather load. By precisely controlling salt release, the Onzen™ water care system effectively minimizes both excess sanitizer use, and workload of you and your spa.